The Cintiq kit also comes with a color ring to mark your pen so that you know which is which either for telling the difference between what nibs are installed, or for personal preference. The downside is the use of the TFT panel which affects the colour accuracy and viewing angles. That’s the pen and stand. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. So there’s definitely parallax.

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Huion Gt-190 19 Inches Digital Pen Display Graphics Tablets for Drawing

If I use this in my office, I will need another vt, one with proper colour accuracy, so that I can check the colours of my art. As of now, there is no complete list with the versions that it is compatible or incompatible with.

Everything feels responsive without much lag. During my research I came across some people complaining about dust trapped under their screen right out of the box. The only thing that detracted from hhion colors was the glossy surface of the tablet.

Your tablet may work with some versions of the software and not others. So you may need an adaptor in order to use this pen display. Alright, time to see if this huioj really matches up to a Wacom Cintiq.

The design is quite nice and professional, with a two-tone black and silver color typical of electronics.

Comes with the tablet monitor, pen, power adapter and cable, USB cable, VGA cable, pen holder, 8 extra stylus tips all the same kindand an artist glove that covers the bottom half of huon hand. We will send you Emails with best tablet deals huioon special discount offers.


That’s the port at the back of the pen for charging the internal battery. The inch screen has a resolution of only by The manufacturer claims And if you don’t know what a pen display is, it’s basically a monitor that you can draw on.

Huion Gt 19 Inches Digital Pen Display Graphics Tablets for Drawing | eBay

Now that you know the limitations, you should know that this is not a pen display suitable for work that requires colour accuracy, such as for use in the print industry, or for photo editing. Contact You can reach me here.

However, you should beware because the Huion company did not test out all these softwares properly. It has a big vent area on the back top side for cooling and the stand is almost as wide as the screen for yt stability. It might be good to get one of those artist gloves for drawing on the screen.

The Huion Kamvas GT pen display has been in the market for almost two years already. But the parallax will appear depending on the position of your head relative to buion screen. So there’s definitely parallax. The stand is not fixed onto the monitor so you have to use the screwdriver and screws provided to fix that yourself. These are the buttons for the pen display.


Review: Huion Kamvas GT Pen Display | Parka Blogs

ParkaBlogs Newsletter Stay informed on our latest news! The GT has all the standard features of a direct draw-on-the-screen type tablet: Should you need more details, visit the product page on Gearbest at: If you’re using it to draw digital, to create digital art, I don’t think it’s a big deal. Monitor and stand 2 pens A pen stand with 8 replacement nips Cleaning cloth Hhion and 4 screws for the stand Power brick and cable USB cable for monitor-computer connection USB cable for charging the pen VGA cable Driver disc and manual The huio thing to take note here is the only graphics cable included is a VGA cable.

Basheer Graphic Books They are our sponsor! And even so sometimes when you tilt your head up and down, the colours there may differ. I was actually expecting some glitches with the graphics software on Windows and Mac but there were none. Other than the additional Kamvas label, the pen display has essentially the same specs as it did on day 1, and here are the specifications that matter:.

In some of their product ads and store listings, their employees sometimes even mistype the item name and name it the same thing as Huion does.